Mgahinga Mountain Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.Where Gold meets silver.
Mgahinga National Park Projects the Ugandan part of the Virunga mountain and its three main peaks ie Muhavura, Mt Gahinga and Mt.Sabinyo. It is part of a larger ecosystem, the Virunga Conversation area (434 Sqkm) which includes two adjacent park in Rwanda and Congo and the park sits high in clouds at an altitude between 2,227m to 4127m and it was formed to protect the rare mountain Gorillas that inhabit its dense forests and it is the most scenic park in Uganda offering panoramic views that stretch northwards to Bwindi and southern skyline dominated by the steep volcanic cones of virungas, surely one of the most memorable and Stirring sights in East Africa.

The park offers a smoothing aura of majesty with cool temperatures owing to the mountainous nature of the nature of the park.

Its home to the part of the 300 gorillas located in the Virunga massif. It is indeed where Gold meets silver where Gorillas are house with the same habitat of the Golden monkey. The culture heritage featuring folklore and traditional healing practices for local people covas the work slopes of the three Northern Virunga Volcanoes.

Gorilla Tracking
Golden Monkey tracking
Batwa Trail
Visit to the garama cave in addition to birding